Purpose of FBA

FBA strives to produce Spirit-filled leaders who serve Christ by meeting the genuine needs of others with the knowledge and skills they gain and who mature by experiencing the potential of their calling and education.


Falls Baptist Academy is the K-12 educational ministry arm of Falls Baptist Church with the same Great Commission focus serving the children of families who are members of the church.


Academic Training

Academically, FBA teachers (who average over seven years of service with the Academy) approach students with a discipleship perspective.  They recognize that knowledge, wisdom, and understanding begin with the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10).  They endeavor to present all subject content through a proper respect for God as the heavenly Father, acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior, submission to the Holy Spirit as Teacher and Enabler, and the student as the child and servant of his Lord.  Teachers understand that unless they reach the student’s heart, no real learning can take place and no eternal value will follow their work.  Subjects are approached through intentional teaching emphasizing excellence through a process of grammar (vocabulary and essential concepts), logic (reasoning and skill processes), and rhetoric (beautiful presentation and evaluation).  Special regard is given to reading, math, and reasoning skills.


Music Program

Nearly all FBA students receive musical training through the Academy’s conservatory approach to instruction.  The skills and discipline of musicianship help equip young people for future service for Jesus Christ.  Each student’s regimen includes private lessons, small group, master class, and orchestra/band under top instructors.