Would you give God one hour of your week? 

We would like to encourage you to visit our small group adult Bible studies at Falls Baptist Church. 


God gives each of us 168 hours every week.  How much time do we give back to God?  The average American Christian prays four minutes a day and reads the Bible less than seven minutes a day.  No wonder we experience the spiritual emptiness, inner anxiety, broken relationships, and eternal loss.  The answers we need are in the Word of God, the Bible. 




Small Group Bible Study is life changing! 

Through these Bible studies you are brought into a genuine relationship with God.  You are given truths to transform your families, and you are also given spiritually-minded friends who will guide and enrich your life. 


Come visit one of our different Adult Bible Study Fellowships!



 Time- 9:00 am

Location- Heritage Center (Room 105)

Leadership:  Terry and Vickie Swanson



Ages:  21-30

Time:  9:00 am

Location:  Fellowship Hall C

Leadership:  Stephen and Elizabeth Zempel




 Ages:   31-40

Time:   9:00 am

Location:  Music Hall

Leadership:  Thomas and Stephanie Stoeckmann 


Ages:   41-50

Time:   9:00 am

Location:  Heritage Center (Rooms 102-104)

Leadership:  John and Staci Rinehart



Ages:  51-60

Time:   9:00 am

Location:   Fellowship Hall B

Contact:  Chris and Judy Stoll



Ages:   61+

Time:  9:00 am

Location:  Fellowship Hall A

Leadership:  Jim and Deneen Sikma





We do have special singspirations and activities for our singles (career age).  Our singles attend the different adult Bible study fellowships, yet they also have many opportunities to fellowship with one another throughout the year.   If you have any questions about our career group, please call our church office.  (262-251-7051 ex. 229)