First through sixth grade departments meet during each session of Sunday school.  Children become part of a small group class of four to six children led by a trained adult teacher.  The weekly Bible lessons follow a chronological progression through the Old and New Testaments emphasizing not only Bible knowledge but also a tender-hearted responsiveness to God’s message of salvation and victorious living.  One quarter each year focuses on a specific practical topic of the Christian life.  Bible study teachers take a personal interest in their students through regular contact outside of the Sunday morning class time. 



Solomon's Choice


Proverbs 4:7, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.


Solomon’s Choice is our exciting Elementary Sunday School incentive program for all children of elementary age.  The program is based on making wise decisions from the Bible.  Each week you can earn “Prosperity Points” by:


  • Attending Sunday school
  • Bringing your Bible
  • Completing your Treasure Time devotional
  • Memorizing Bible verses from your Treasure Time
  • Bringing a visitor to Sunday school
  • Completing special missionary or lesson projects


At the end of each quarter, you can go to Solomon’s Treasure House and spend your Prosperity Points on fun and exciting prizes.  Those who have met specified point goals by the end of the year receive the honor of being Sons or Daughters of Solomon.  The real motivation for doing these things, however, is to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ so that you can wisely make “Solomon’s Choice” throughout your life.



Annual HotSpot Activity


Each JFebruary the Elementary Sunday School Division hosts The HotSpot, a one-day event similar to Vacation Bible School and following themes like “The Great HotSpot Safari,” “Around the World with Christ,” and “Blast Off to the HotSpot:  Journey into Space.”  After a captivating skit piques their attention, the children head out with their teams to play unusual games and win HotSpot clues.  Then they assemble their clues to search out the identity of the HotSpot.  The day concludes with an appropriate message from God’s Word.  HotSpot stays a topic of conversation throughout the year in anticipation of the next year’s adventure.